Bilingual Education Summer Institute (BESI) Registration Information

Dates: Mondays-Fridays, June 10-28, 2019

Times: 9 a.m.-Noon and 1-4 p.m.

Location: College of Education, The University of Texas at Austin

Students enrolling in the Bilingual Education Summer Institute (BESI) at The University of Texas at Austin enroll in and receive credit for two courses: EDC 370E – Social Studies Methods and Language Arts Methods. Students will receive credit on a UT Austin transcript under a special header for coursework taken through TEXAS Extended Campus at UT Austin.

Courses are taken on a pass/fail basis only. The total cost of tuition and fees is $800 and includes cost for enrollment in two courses, test prep workshops, a UT ID and UT library access.

Program Policies

Minimum Enrollment Eligibility Requirements: To enroll in this program you must be a certified teacher in the state of Texas and have a baccalaureate degree. By enrolling in this program you are verifying you are a certified teacher in the state of Texas and have a baccalaureate degree.

Texas Success Initiative: University Extension is legally obliged to ensure that all enrolled students comply with the laws and policies of the Texas Success Initiative (TSI), a state legislated program designed to improve students’ success in college. TSI regulations apply to all students who register in University Extension courses except those who audit.

Given that your enrollment in this program is as a non-degree seeking student, you will be granted a TSI status waiver and will not be required to verify TSI status. You will not be required to provide any transcripts or documents.

Your enrollment in this program acknowledges that you understand your TSI status is not being verified given your non-degree status. Should you decide to enroll in a degree program at a Texas college or university in the future, you may be required to verify your TSI status at that time.

Program Dates and Deadlines

Event Date

Registration opens

April 1

Last day to drop with full refund minus $95 administrative fee

May 28

Last day to drop with 50% refund

June 10

Last day to register

June 10

First class day

June 10

Last day to drop with no signatures*

June 28

Last class day

June 28

*Students who drop after June 10 will not receive a refund of any course tuition or fees.


Need Additional Information?

For more informaiton about the Bilingual Education Summer Institute, contact:  Dr. Haydeé Marie Rodríguez at

For more information or support with registering for the institute, contact Jeff Black with UT High School at  Registration begins April 1, 2019.