Free tuition for Texas residents starts Fall 2021

UTHS Free Tuition

Students and Parents,

UTHS will offer free tuition for Texas residents enrolled in the full-time virtual school starting fall 2021! Students in grades 9-12 from any location throughout Texas are eligible for the tuition-free program when the 2021-2022 school year begins on 8/23/2021.

Currently enrolled UTHS students need to complete the Returning Student Registration process to retain their seat for the fall semester and provide documentation of Texas residency to ensure eligibility for the free tuition program. New students should enroll in the full-time UTHS virtual school by completing the new student enrollment process.

Prospective new students and parents may join us online via Teams for a webinar Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:30 a.m. (CST) for more information.

This exciting news comes after many years of coordination with the Texas Education Agency, State Board of Education, and Texas Legislature to provide state funding, so we can offer the tuition-free program to you. If you have questions about this change and how it may impact your student, please review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section below to learn more. Our website provides additional information at

Please contact if you have questions when completing the returning or new student registration process or determining eligibility.

Skyward Family Access


Who is eligible for free tuition?

Texas residents may enroll in the UTHS Diploma Program as full-time students to complete Texas graduation requirements and earn a high school diploma. Students must meet all of the following eligibility requirements to enroll in this Diploma Program.

  • Maintain permanent residency in Texas and provide proof of residency
  • Be under the age of 21 years
  • Completed 8th grade coursework (or equivalent credit by exams)
  • Have not already earned a high school diploma
  • Meet eligibility requirements documented in Texas state policy for public schools (TEC 25.001)

How do I secure my student’s seat in the tuition-free program?

Returning UTHS Students: Complete the 2021-2022 Returning Student Registration in your Skyward Family Access portal by 8/1/2021 and provide all of the required documents.

New Students: Complete the New Student Online Enrollment process including completing a short online orientation and uploading all required student documents.

What if I do not complete the returning registration for my student?

They will be withdrawn from UTHS and will need to either re-apply for UTHS or provide UTHS with proof of enrollment in an eligible full-time program.

What if my student is not a full-time Texas resident or over the age of 21 years?

UTHS will continue to serve students around the world through our tuition-based program. If your child no longer resides in Texas full-time or is older than 21 years of age as of 9/1/2021, please contact for further details.

What costs can I expect in the tuition-free program for the 2021-22 school year?

UTHS Provides:

  • free online full-time course enrollments for fall and spring semester
  • free registration for UTHS Diploma Program
  • free access to online or print textbooks for courses
  • free science course lab kit supplies

Parent Provides:

  • student computer
  • reliable, high-speed internet access
  • graphing calculator for math courses
  • general school supplies, including spiral notebooks, pens, pencils, and highlighters
  • commonly available supplies for specialty courses, such as Art
  • purchase of dual credit course enrollment at universities
  • purchase of summer UTHS course enrollment for credit recovery or acceleration

Please refer to the course description to view course-related materials for additional resources and/ or lab supplies.