Services for Students with Disabilities

UT High School is committed to providing quality services and supports for students with a 504 or Individualized Education Plan. Diploma students who are needing 504 or Special Education services, need to mark the appropriate box on page two of the UT High School registration form and provide a copy of the most recent 504 or IEP issued by the previous school.  

For students who are attending another school, UT High School will need a copy of your most recently signed 504 or IEP document when you register for a course or credit by exam. To be accepted, UT High School will need to be able to see all of the student information, school information, date of meeting, disability, accommodations, and signatures on the document.

For any specific questions about 504 or Special Education services UT High School provides, please contact Eric Fredrickson at or 512-471-2016.