UTHS ranks #2 of Top 25 Online High Schools

BestCollegeReviews.org recognized UT High School as #2 in the top 25 online high schools in the nation! Our celebration of this recognition really comes from loving what we do. UTHS will continue to provide learning expectations and support to set students up for success during their high school path and beyond. Thank you to our students, families, and educators for being part of our journey and the #UTHSNation.


UTHS celebrates #CollegeSigningDay

To promote the pursuit of higher education, UT High School celebrated #CollegeSigningDay on Instagram and Twitter this week. College Signing Day is an official campaign of the national Reach Higher/ Better Make Room initiative to encourage graduating seniors to showcase their college choice for the fall. Schools and community organizations are invited to celebrate with this digital conversation of photos and/or videos anytime between April 15th- May 5th

Staff members receive UT staff service awards

The University of Texas at Austin Staff Service Awards honored UT High School counselor, Diane York, and Senior Business Associate, Cristy Oliver, for their contributions to the university and the greater community. Service awards are presented to university staff as an acknowledgement and celebration of their commitment to transforming lives for the benefit of society. 

The awards ceremony was held at the LBJ Auditorium on April 19.  To see the full recipient list, view the 2018 Recipient List.

Student Feature: Paulina

My name is Paulina, and I am currently in my first year as a sophomore at UT High School. At UT High School, I find my classes to be more challenging and rewarding as I create my own schedule to complete all my coursework on time. There are no longer loud classmates that distract me from my work or lectures that are agonizingly slow. I am finally allowed to move at my own pace and set aside time for myself at the end of the day. 

Student Feature: Thor

Hi, my name is Thor, and I am 17 years old and a junior at UT High School. I have lived in eight different locations across North America, and I am always traveling. This made it hard to attend regular school, but I made it work. Almost two years ago, my parents separated, and they now live in different countries. In order to spend time with both of them, it became necessary for me to travel even more frequently, and it got to a point where I was missing too much school. So, in the summer of 2017, I joined UT High School because of the flexibility it offered.

Student Feature: Emma

I am Emma and I have been enrolled in UTHS since October of 2016. I am currently a senior projected to graduate in June of 2018. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about UTHS regarding my personal experience with the program. UTHS has allowed me to focus on myself, my family, my personal growth, and my future endeavors. 

Student Feature: Don

My name is Don W., and I have been a part of UT High School for two years. I find completing online courses is more rewarding than a traditional class since it requires more time management and self-discipline.

Online school has allowed me to better manage my busy schedule and have more energy for all facets of my life. My favorite courses so far have been World Geography and World History, as well as Integrated Physics and Chemistry since I am really interested in how things work. 

Student Feature: Rachel

My name is Rachel W. and I started UT High School at the beginning of my junior year. Completing classes feels more rewarding since I can now spend more time with family and focus on my favorite subjects of math and science. The online high school has opened doors to opportunities that were never available to me in a traditional high school, and it makes applying to college during senior year significantly less stressful. Recently, more than three feet of water flooded my house in Hurricane Harvey, and my entire life was uprooted.