Early Graduation (ERHSGO)

The Early Readiness High School Graduation Option (ERHSGO) is an opportunity for students to graduate early. Beginning in 2012, this innovative high school graduation option launched for Texas students. Created by House Bill 3 (81st Legislature), research universities may partner directly with Texas school districts to offer an alternative route to a high school diploma to students who demonstrate early readiness for college. Students who demonstrate early readiness for college in each core subject area and a language other than English, according to the ERHSGO agreement, can receive a high school diploma earning a distinguished level of achievement under the foundation high school program. This option may permit students to enroll in additional courses while in high school or to enroll in college early. This program also cultivates a partnership between Texas school districts and The University of Texas at Austin, and is defined in the Texas Education Code (TEC 28.0253).

Benefits of ERHSGO:

  • Graduate* up to one year early
  • Demonstrate early readiness for college - advantage for college admissions
  • Enter college early (must receive acceptance from the college)
  • Be eligible to take college level courses earlier (courses not offered by school district)

Program Requirements:

  • Achieve qualifying scores on exams in each core subject and a language other than English (LOTE)
  • AP, IB, SAT, and CLEP exams
  • Subject areas: math, science, English Language Arts, social studies, LOTE
  • Attend a high school in a participating Texas school district
  • View the requirements below for additional program information

*The district may issue a high school diploma to a student under the program if, using the standards, the student demonstrates mastery of and early readiness for college in each of those subject areas and in a language other than English, notwithstanding any other local or state requirements. (TEC 28.0253)

How to Register for ERHSGO:


Students and Parents

Participation in ERHSGO does not guarantee admission to colleges or universities, including UT Austin or Texas A&M.

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