Final Exams


All courses require proctored exams. Students can request the final once all assignments have been submitted and 70% of the assignments have been graded. High school students may be proctored at their own schools or at a testing center. All supervisors outside an official testing center must be approved in advance by the UT High School. A Proctor Agreement Form must be completed prior to taking the exam.

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Final Exam

Exams must be taken within the 150-day course enrollment time period. Most courses provide a Review Sheet that contains the topics covered on the exam. Questions about the final materials should be communicated with the course instructor through the message center.

Please be advised that once the exam has been taken, it will generally take two weeks to grade the exam and report the grade to your school.

Students can request the final examination when all course assignments have been turned in and grades have been awarded for 70% of the assignments. "Incomplete" and "Redo" will not count as lessons submitted. The remaining 30% will be graded "as is" once the final is taken.

Requesting a Final Exam:

  1. Once all assignments have been completed, the option to Request Exam opens in the course.
  2. Download a Proctor Agreement Form, unless testing at the UT Testing Center.
  3. Have the proctor at the chosen testing center complete this form and submit it to
  4. Schedule the exam at least two weeks prior to the expiration date of the course.

Rush Grading

Rush grading is available for all exams. Rush grading is available upon completion of the exam. The exam will be graded within 5 business days of the date that the exam is received from the proctoring location. If expedited shipping is necessary from the proctoring center to UTHS, those arrangements should be made by the parent/student with the proctoring center. Download the Rush Grading form and email it directly to or fax to 512-471-7853.

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Final Re-Exam Policy

High school students must make a grade of 70% or better on the final exam in order to pass the course.

High school students who fail the exam are eligible for re-examination and will receive a re-examination request form with the first notification of a failing grade.  Re-examination must occur within 30 days of submitting the re-exam request form and students must have time remaining in their course (or purchase a course extension as needed).  Students are allowed a maximum of three course extensions.  There is a nonrefundable fee for re-examination. 

If a student scores below 70% on the re-exam, this grade will also be listed as the final grade in the course. If the student passes the re-exam with a 70% or better, the re-exam grade will be averaged with the assignments grade to determine the final grade in the course.

We reserve the right to require students to retake an exam at our sole discretion.