high school student and woman in library

Earn a High School Diploma Online

Pursue Homeschooling with Flexibility

As a state-accredited online public high school, UT High School (UTHS) offers homeschool students the ability to enroll full-time in the online UTHS Diploma Program or fill in the gaps in their homeschool curriculum by taking one or two online courses at their own pace and on their own terms.


Full-Time Online High School Diploma Programs

Maximize your daily schedule flexibility to increase time for athletic training and work around your competition schedules. Enroll in the accredited University of Texas at Austin High School to earn your diploma through an online, remote learning model with asynchronous daily instruction.

Free Tuition for Texas Residents

The UT High School full-time Diploma Program offers free tuition for Texas residents for the fully online, remote asynchronous program. 

Tuition-Based Program for Non-Texas Residents

The UT High School full-time International Diploma Program offers a full high school program to students living out-of-state or international locations. 


Online High School Courses

The benefits of UTHS online credit courses include:

  • open enrollment throughout the year that allows students to start courses at any time.
  • the ability to access coursework anywhere with Internet access.
  • courses that are facilitated by experienced, Texas-certified teachers.
  • access to Advanced Placement® and dual credit courses to earn college credit.