Online High School Courses

UTHS online high school courses offer students scheduling flexibility and an opportunity for credit recovery or advancement. Courses are aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, designed by curriculum experts, and facilitated by experienced, highly qualified Texas-certified teachers. Core courses are NCAA approved. Advanced Placement® (AP®) courses are audited and approved by The College Board

Enroll in a Course

Course Timelines

From the date of enrollment, students have 150 days to complete a semester course. The UTHS semester courses are designed to take approximately the same amount of hours to complete as a semester long traditional classroom course. Students should work at a steady pace through the course and submit assignments consistently every 1-2 weeks, rather than all at once. Students who want to accelerate may work through the course more quickly by spending more hours per week in the course. Students who need additional time, may pay an extension fee and download and submit a 30-day Course Extension Form by email to, by fax to 512-471-7853, or request an extension online.

Course Selection

Students should consult with their school counselor for guidance when enrolling in UTHS courses to ensure the courses selected meet their specific high school graduation plan. We advise most students to enroll in courses sequentially (e.g., Algebra IA then Algebra IB), especially when concepts learned during the first semester course are necessary to successfully complete the second semester course.

Course and Exam Policies

UTHS course and exam policies are outlined in the UTHS Student and Parent Handbook which is updated annually.

Final Exams

All semester courses require students to take a proctored final exam. Students can request the final exam once all assignments have been submitted and 70% of the assignments have been graded. High school students' final exams may be proctored at their own schools or at an approved testing center. Qualified proctors must be pre-approved by the UTHS staff. Students who fail the final exam can request a maximum of one re-examination.

Course Grades and Transcripts

The average of assignment grades in a semester course count for 75% of the course grade; the final exam counts for 25%. The student must score a 70% or better on the exam in order to pass the course. Student final course grades can be viewed from the Student Portal or Counselor Portal. Official transcripts are provided by the student's high school.

Program Costs

Although UT High School is a public school, we don't receive any state funding for student attendance, so we must charge a fee for services.

  • Semester Course: $245
  • Course 30-Day Extension Fee: $55
  • Final Exam Re-examination Fee: $35
  • UT Testing Center Proctor Fee: $30
  • Expedited Shipping for Exams: $30
  • Rush Grading Fee for Exams: $50
  • Exam Inquiry Fee: $50
  • Exam Change Requests: $25
    • These include requests to change proctor, testing site, exam subject or grade level, or exam type from online to print or vice versa.