Computer Requirements 

UTHS operates on a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy—UTHS does not supply students with computers or currently provide financial assistance to purchase devices. Students must have access to a laptop or desktop computer in order to successfully complete our courses. While much of the coursework may be completed on a tablet or mobile device, a laptop or desktop computer is required to take the online final exam in each course. Our goal is to provide students a stable and engaging online learning experience; therefore, we ask that your device meet the minimum system requirements shown in the table below. Generally, devices five (5) years or newer should be adequate. 

UTHS Computer System Requirements
System RequirementMinimumRecommended 
Operating SystemWindows 7 
macOS 10.11 
Chrome 58
For security and stability, we recommend using the most recent release of an operating system. 
Processor Speed 2 Ghz3 Ghz
Memory (RAM)PC or Mac: 4 Gb
Chromebook: 2 Gb
PC or Mac: 8 Gb
Chromebook: 4 Gb
Disk SpacePC or Mac: 256 Gb
Chromebook: 16 Gb
PC or Mac: 500 Gb
Chromebook: 64 Gb
Web CameraInternal or External; 720P HDInternal or External; 1080P HD
MicrophoneInternal or External; headsets and headphones with microphones are not permitted on final exams. Internal or External; headsets and headphones with microphones are not permitted on final exams. 


Internet Requirements

All of our online courses use embedded media, including images, audio, and video, to engage students and support instruction. Students must also regularly upload documents and media for course assignments. Thus, it is critical that students have access to a stable and sufficiently fast internet connection. We ask that your internet service meet the minimum download and upload speed requirements listed below.

  • Download Speed:
    • Minimum, 20 Mbs
    • Recommended, 100 Mbs
  • Upload Speed:
    • Minimum, 3 Mbs
    • Recommended, 10 Mbs

If you are unsure about your internet performance, you can visit the websites below to perform a free internet speed test:


Internet Browsers

Students are required to use one of the following browsers. Students will be unable to take their course final exams using any other browsers.


Browser Extensions

Students must test with Proctorio and are required to add the Proctorio extension to either their MS Edge or Google Chrome browser—installation instructions are provided in the student's course. Proctorio uses a student's computer, web camera, and microphone to record video of both the student and their desktop during the exam. Then, UTHS instructors review the student's exam video data collected by Proctorio. Only approved UTHS staff and instructors view the exam recordings. Student data is not shared with any persons or organizations outside of UTHS. We encourage you to visit Proctorio's Data Security and Privacy pages to learn more about how we protect student date.


Other Applications and Hardware

Students are required to have the following applications and hardware in order to successfully participate in all UTHS online courses. 

  • MS Office (Word, Excel, PPT) or Google Workspace (Docs, Sheets, & Slides)
  • PDF Reader
  • Digital Camera
  • Audio MP3 Recorder