UTHS District Policies



The UT High School Special Purpose District operates as a Texas public school to provide full-time Diploma Programs for residents of Texas and beyond. Our district also offers part-time courses to students who attend other school districts. Policies for full-time students seeking a diploma from UTHS may differ from policies for part-time students (those not seeking a diploma from UTHS).

The UTHS finalizes and posts the majority of policy updates annually prior to the start of each school year; however, policies may also be updated through the school year when necessary to respond to state or local changes. Please see the UTHS Student and Parent Handbook as well as policies and notifications posted on our website. It remains essential for students and parents to review policies in detail regarding a particular program and to regularly read UTHS communications shared via the UTHS website, email, webinar, Canvas LMS, or the Skyward parent and student portal. 


Please view the Required Notifications quick links on this page to see the latest updates, such as college admission information.


To request your child's physical fitness assessment results, parents may send an email to UTHSpartner@austin.utexas.edu at the end of the school year. 

If you have questions about graduation requirements, contact the UTHScounselor@austin.utexas.edu.