State Required Exams

The UT High School District (UTHSD) students have consistently demonstrated a long history of successful academic performance. As a Texas public school, the UTHSD students must pass five exams as part of the Texas graduation requirements. The required high school State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) End of Course (EOC) exams include Algebra I, Biology, English I, English II, and U.S. History. Students typically complete the STAAR exams toward the end of the spring semester when they are nearing the end of their course. Additional opportunities to retake the exam occur in June and December. The STAAR EOCs do not replace the final exam for a particular course subject. 

Required On-Site Testing

The state of Texas requires all Texas public school students to participate in the STAAR EOC exams on required testing days and to complete the exam in-person at an approved testing site, typically a Texas public school district. UTHSD staff proctor the exams on-site at the UT Austin campus for students who live within the region or choose to take their exam with UTHSD. Students who live in other regions in Texas will be assigned to test in a nearby school district in their region. Arrangements for out-of-state and international students must be made in advance to identify and receive approval from UTHSD to test at an approved testing center in their region.

View Your STAAR EOC Student Score Results

After students complete their STAAR EOC assessments, the state provides access codes to be distributed by the school district for students and their parents to view the student's score results on Texas Education Agency's Texas Assessment Portal. Access is typically available a few weeks after the students complete their exams. The UTHSD will send a message in Skyward to notify students and families when the scores are available for viewing and to provide their access code

June 2022 STAAR EOC scores are scheduled to be viewable by families around August 5th, 2022. UTHS will send communication via email to families with directions.

How to Access and Understand Your Scores

After you receive your Skyward message with your access code, please see the following resources to assist you in logging into the Texas Assessment Portal and understanding what your scores mean.

The Texas Education Agency has provided a Single Sign On Instruction One Pager with details on accessing student STAAR EOC scores.

Parents may review the STAAR EOC Report Card Walkthrough to understand their child’s STAAR EOC results and see their progress from the previous year.

Visit TEA - About the STAAR Test to learn more and TEA Student Portal Overview for a video tutorial of using the resources in the family portal.

More Information

All Texas public school districts must require their students to complete the STAAR EOC exams every year. The results of students scores contribute to the overall accountability rating for the school district and campus. Overall student performance is published online and available for viewing for the state averages, region, school district, and campus level.

For more information about the state and federal report cards and accountability system see the Texas Education Agency's website at the links provided below. For the 2020-2021 academic year, the state of Texas did not rate school districts due to a declared state of disaster.

Texas Federal Report Cards

Texas School Report Cards

Texas Academic Performance Reports

Texas Accountability Rating System

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