Blended Learning

UTHS programs can support a school or district in a variety of ways to personalize learning with budget-friendly resources.

Enjoy the flexibility to choose curriculum sequencing and have curriculum access for 1 year. UTHS courses are fully aligned to the TEKS, with course credit determined by the local school/district.

Districts can incorporate our online courses in two ways:

  • Students take courses facilitated by a UTHS highly qualified and experienced content area teacher of record.
  • Districts purchase course site-licenses and courses are facilitated by an In-District highly qualified content area teacher of record.

Strategies for Incorporating UTHS Blended Learning Options

  • Regular course curriculum
  • Supplement to regular course curriculum
  • Campus or district site license curriculum
  • Fast track to credit accrual for advanced students
  • Support for homebound students or students with special circumstances
  • Summer school curriculum
  • Credit recovery during or after school
  • Any other combination of services to meet your needs

Blended Learning Educator Professional Development 

UT High School offers online professional development courses for educators. The three-course blended learning professional development series includes beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses to assist teachers in implementing blended learning instructional models in their classrooms. The Texas Education Agency offers full reimbursement for teachers in Texas public school districts to enroll in the UT High School blended learning professional development courses (pre-approval required).

Blended Learning Conference Sessions

TASSP Summer Workshop: To Blend or Not to Blend?

Blended Learning Presentation, AP Annual Conference 2018

Blended Learning Resources

Blended Learning Integration Plan