Dyslexia Services

The UT High School District provides services for students with dyslexia, which is a common learning disability that affects many children and adults. Dyslexia is a neurological condition that impacts a person's ability to read, write, and spell accurately and fluently. 

Some common signs of dyslexia include difficulty with phonemic awareness (the ability to identify and manipulate sounds in words), difficulty decoding words (reading accurately), and difficulty with spelling. Children with dyslexia may also have trouble with reading comprehension, writing, and oral language skills. It's important to note that dyslexia is not a reflection of a person's intelligence or potential. With the right support and accommodations, individuals with dyslexia can achieve success in school and beyond.

Parents of students enrolled in the UTHS Diploma Programs may contact UTSDStudentServices@austin.utexas.edu for more information or if you suspect that your child may have dyslexia. A formal evaluation can be conducted to determine if your child meets the criteria for dyslexia and what supports they may need. 

If your child already qualified for dyslexia services in a prior school before enrolling at UT High School District, please be sure to notify us upon registration and provide relevant documentation for any evaluations or meetings in the prior district. Upon registration, we request a student's records from the prior school district, however, those may take quite a few days to receive, so any information you can provide upon registration, will help us plan support services as soon as possible for your student.

View the Texas Dyslexia Handbook and a variety of policies and supporting information on our Policies and Notifications webpage.

See the Special Education webpage for more details about services for students with a variety of special needs.

See the Child Find webpage for more details about referrals for students who may qualify for special services.

See the Policies and Notifications webpage for more information about UTHS District programs and services, handbooks, and specific program notifications.

The Talking Book Program

Senate Bill 2075 was passed by the 86th Legislature requiring school districts to notify the parents or guardians of students who have or are at risk to have dyslexia or other reading difficulties of the Talking Book Program (TBP) maintained by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. The TBP offers audio books at no-cost. For more information, contact the TBP at 1-800-252-9605 or 512-463-5458 or visit www.TexasTalkingBooks.org.

Learning Ally

Learning Ally offers more than 75,000 digitally recorded audiobooks (including both textbooks and literary titles) in English and Spanish. It's available to eligible students. Contact the UTHS Student Services Department at UTSDStudentServices@austin.utexas.edu for information to access Learning Ally.