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UTHS for Military-Connected Students

The University of Texas at Austin High School offers a unique opportunity for military-connected students in grades 9-12 to continue their Texas public school education remotely in an online high school after an active military parent transfers or deploys and the student must move out of Texas.

The 87th Texas Legislature passed HB 4124 in 2021, which allows UT High School to receive state funding for military-connected students and prioritize these students during enrollment or creation of a waitlist for enrollment.

Our Commitment

At UTHS we understand when parents serve, their families do too, and we commit to providing an online education and support for military-connected students.

Military-connected students move an average of 6-9 times during their K-12 education and experience disruptions to their instruction (Military Child Education Coalition, n.d.). Often these changes occur with short notice, which prevents students from submitting applications for school enrollment by typical annual enrollment deadlines. At UTHS we provide priority access to military-connected students in our online virtual school program as a strategy of support to level the playing field.

Free Tuition Eligibility

A military-connected student is eligible for enrollment in UTHS with free tuition if the student:

  1. is a dependent of a member of the United States military;
  2. was previously enrolled in school in this state; and
  3. does not reside in this state due to a military deployment or transfer.

Priority Access

UTHS offers priority access to military-connected students who meet the state requirement for tuition free funding after they leave Texas.

Program Benefits

High school students can enroll in UTHS’s virtual school to continue their Texas education program and earn a Texas high school diploma. Students enrolled at UTHS can:

  • complete all of their remaining high school credit courses online from any location
  • transfer your credits from your prior Texas public school to UTHS
  • select from a wide variety of rigorous online courses
  • engage in honors, advanced placement, or dual credit online courses
  • communicate online with experienced, Texas-certified teachers
  • obtain guidance from counselors for college, career, and military pursuits
  • receive personalized tutoring from UT college student tutors

Full-Time Online High School Diploma Programs

Free Tuition for Texas Residents

The UT High School full-time Diploma Program offers free tuition for Texas residents for the fully online, remote asynchronous program. 

Tuition-Based Program for Non-Texas Residents

The UT High School full-time International Diploma Program offers a full high school program to students living out-of-state or international locations. 

Resources for Military-Connected Students

UTHS engages with the Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC) to learn and support military-connected students. The MCEC webiste includes a variety of resources for students, parents, and educators, such as the MCEC SchoolQuest tool.