Tips for Student Success in Online Learning

  1. Designate a quiet place to use as "school." It's best if you have a space where you can do your work without distractions like TV, pets, etc. Designate the times of day you will "be at school." Families should help keep things quiet and help the student maintain a daily schedule as much as possible to create structure.
  2. Set up a calendar for completion. The first time students open a course, the syllabus and course requirements are visible. Parents, be sure to help your student, at least the first time, create a schedule for completion of each course within the 150-day deadline. This includes leaving enough time to request and take the proctored final exam.
  3. Parents, check in each week (or more) to see how things are going for your student. There is a learning curve to self-paced, online learning so ask questions: Are you able to navigate the learning management system? Do you understand the lessons and the assignments? Do you know how to contact your instructors using the messaging center? What are you learning about in ______?
  4. Parents, if you have any concerns (your student does not seem to be studying enough or you want to know their grades) we recommend that you sit down with your student and have them log in to the course where you can see their progress and grades.  
  5. Students, do not hesitate to contact the Counselor. If you are having technical issues, you should contact the staff at but if you have academic concerns or questions, please contact the Counselor, Diane York, at 512-471-4808 or so that we can work together on any academic issues.