LUCHA™ Services for English Learners


Students immigrating to Texas from other countries face many challenges. The Language Learners at The University of Texas at Austin's Center for Hispanic Achievement (LUCHA™) Program helps secondary Spanish-speaking English learners transition into public schools. By identifying the course credits earned in Mexico, Honduras, and Cuba that align to the Texas standards, students are able to stay on-track for graduation.


  • Transcript Obtainment from Mexico
  • Course Credit Analysis for student transcripts from Mexico, Honduras, or Cuba
  • Online Courses in English for a variety of subjects
  • Credit by Exams for cores, electives, and Spanish I,II, III


  • Immigrant students from Mexico, Honduras, or Cuba who enrolled within the last two years in Texas public schools
  • Immigrant students who attended school in Mexico, Honduras or Cuba during grades 8-12

Benefits for Students

  • Avoid repeating coursework already completed in their home country
  • Complete online courses in English with a flexible timeline to recover credits
  • Take Credit by Exams to earn high school credits for native language skills
  • Graduate on time

Benefits for School Districts

  • Save money - students will earn credit for courses taken in their home country
  • Save time - school staff isn't responsible for contacting schools in Mexico, Cuba, or Honduras to evaluate coursework
  • Reduce student dropout rate
  • Improve student graduation rate

Sample School District Funding Sources

  • Limited English Proficient Student Success Initiative Grant
  • Title I, Part A - School-wide Programs
  • Title III, Part A
  • State Compensatory Education Funds
  • High School Allotment Funds for course credit recovery

Please verify use of funds by contacting the Texas Education Agency.