LUCHA™ Services for Language Learners


Students immigrating to Texas from other countries face many challenges. The Language Learners at The University of Texas at Austin's Center for Hispanic Achievement (LUCHA™) Program helps secondary Spanish-speaking English language learners transition into public schools. By identifying the course credits earned in Mexico, Honduras, and Cuba that align to the Texas standards, students are able to stay on-track for graduation.


  • Transcript Obtainment from Mexico
  • Course Credit Analysis for student transcripts from Mexico, Honduras, or Cuba
  • Online Course Curriculum in Spanish for a variety of subjects
  • Online Courses in English for a variety of subjects
  • Credit by Exams for cores, electives, and Spanish I,II, III


  • Immigrant students from Mexico, Honduras, or Cuba who enrolled within the last two years in Texas public schools
  • Immigrant students who attended school in Mexico, Honduras or Cuba during grades 8-12

Benefits for Students

  • Avoid repeating coursework already completed in their home country
  • Access online curriculum in Spanish for core content areas
  • Complete online courses in English with a flexible timeline to recover credits
  • Take Credit by Exams to earn LOTE credits for native language skills
  • Graduate on time

Benefits for School Districts

  • Save money - students will earn credit for courses taken in their home country
  • Save time - school staff isn't responsible for contacting schools in Mexico, Cuba, or Honduras to evaluate coursework
  • Reduce student dropout rate
  • Improve student graduation rate

Sample School District Funding Sources

  • Limited English Proficient Student Success Initiative Grant
  • Title I, Part A - School-wide Programs
  • Title III, Part A
  • State Compensatory Education Funds
  • High School Allotment Funds for course credit recovery

Please verify use of funds by contacting the Texas Education Agency.