Gifted and Talented Opportunities

UTHS offers multiple services to meet the needs of gifted and talented learners.

Credit by Exams (CBEs) - for acceleration

CBEs offer reliable placement for students in grades K-12. With approval from the local school district, students in grades K-12 seeking placement credit in a subject area in which they have not received prior instruction may earn credit by passing the subject area exams with a grade of 80% or above. The exams are designed by curriculum experts and aligned to the TEKS.

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Self-paced online courses - anytime, anywhere

For the Distinguished Achievement Diploma option, students may be interested in our online Advanced Placement® (AP®), elective, Physical Education, and fine arts courses to satisfy their elective requirements or supplement their current schedule. While freeing their schedule for other courses in the future, students can benefit from the self-paced environment and flexibility offered in UTHS's online courses.

Students as young as 6th grade may enroll in UTHS's online courses prior to entering high school if they meet the course prerequisites. To enroll in an introductory level 9th grade core course, students must successfully complete the corresponding core courses as a prerequisite or successfully pass the 8th credit by exam for that core subject with a score of 80% or higher. Please keep in mind that all high school course grades are recorded on the student's high school transcript.

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