Enrolling at UTHS

UT High School courses and Credit by Exams are open enrollment for all types of learners. Our students include individuals taking one course or exam while enrolled in school elsewhere, as well as, students who enroll full-time in the UT High School Online Diploma Program. We offer accredited online courses and exams in over 60 subject areas. Core courses are NCAA approved. Advanced Placement® (AP®) are audited and approved by The College Board

Enroll in a Course

Online High School Diploma Program

How to Enroll:

  • Fax or email your Registration Form to UTHScounselor@austin.utexas.edu
  • Send copies of all transcripts showing high school credits
  • Pay your registration fee by credit card, money order, or check
    • U.S. student registration fee: $150
    • International student registration fee: $350

The UTHS Counselor will review your transcripts and design a personal graduation plan for you. Your next step is to complete your choice sheet then the UTHS staff will schedule you into your courses. Students are required to be enrolled in a minimum of 4 courses during the spring and fall semesters and stay on-track to graduate in four years to maintain full-time status in the Diploma Program. Since Texas requires students to earn 26 credits to earn a high school diploma, students typically enroll in 7 courses per semester to complete 26 credits and graduate on-time in four years.

Transcript Analysis

If you'd like UTHS to review your transcripts first, before you decide to enroll in the Diploma Program, the UTHS Counselor will review your prior transcripts to determine how many credits are needed for graduation.

If you decide to enroll in the UTHS Diploma Program, the Transcript Analysis fee of $50 will be credited toward your registration fee.

Program Costs

Although UT High School is a public school, we don't receive any state funding for student attendance, so we must charge a fee for courses and credit by exams.

  • Semester Online Course: $245
  • Average Annual Full-Time Enrollment (7 fall and 7 spring semester courses): $3,430
  • Average Final Exam Proctoring Fee (Per Semester Course): $30 charged by independent testing centers
  • Semester Credit by Exam: $50 + proctoring fee charged by independent testing center
  • Textbooks and Materials:  Many courses are textbook free. Please refer to the course description to view course-related fees for additional resources and/ or lab supplies.

2019-20 Diploma Program Tuition Due Dates

Fall 2019 Tuition 

  • 1st payment of $980 (4 courses) due 9/3/19
  • 2nd/final payment of remaining balance ($735 for students taking 7 courses) due 10/4/19

Spring 2020 Tuition

  • 1st payment of $980 (4 courses) due 1/17/19
  • 2nd/final payment of remaining balance ($735 for students taking 7 courses) due 2/14/19

*The 2nd/final payment amounts for each semester will be adjusted for students who received UTHS administrator approval to take fewer courses.

Enroll in an Online Course

Diploma Students Complete Course Choice Sheets to be Placed in Online Courses

Students registered for the UTHS Diploma Program who plan to earn a diploma from UTHS do not enroll themselves through the UTHS website (online) into their courses. Instead, submit your course choice sheet to UTHS, then the UTHS staff will create your course schedule and enroll you in your courses each semester. This change is effective starting fall 2019 to ensure students are taking the courses aligned to graduation requirements. 

Steps for Non-Diploma Students to Enroll in Courses Online:

Students who are not seeking a diploma from UTHS and are not registered for the UTHS Diploma Program, may enroll themselves online in their courses. Be sure to communicate with your home district counselor to ensure your course selections align to your graduation requirements.

Enroll in a Credit by Exam or Final Exam

About Our Courses & Final Exams

Our courses are aligned to Texas state standards (TEKS), and they're designed to support students in learning concepts so they can be successful on state assessments (STAAR) and prepared for the next course in each subject area. Students have one semester to complete each course; it is possible to finish a course early in the semester when students dedicate more time for learning each week. Online learning offers flexibility and can provide an opportunity to accelerate learning, but it's not designed to be a short-cut. All students who complete an online course are required to pass (70%) a proctored final exam for each semester course. Students can make arrangements to take the proctored final exam at a college or independent testing center near their home town or schedule an exam at The UT Public Testing Center, located at the Sanchez Building on UT's main campus.