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UT High School online courses and Credit by Exams are open enrollment for all types of learners. Our students include individuals taking one course or exam while enrolled in school elsewhere, as well as, students who enroll full-time in the UT High School Online Diploma Programs. 


UTHS offers online courses and exams in more than 75 subject areas. Core courses are NCAA approved. Advanced Placement® (AP®) courses are audited and approved by The College Board. The University of Texas at Austin High School was approved by the Texas Education Agency in 1999 and is a Texas public school classified as a special purpose district. UTHS course credits transfer to Texas public high schools and most out-of-state and international schools. 

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To take a single course as a part-time student at UTHS, click the link below to select your course, then pay your fees in the online shopping cart. Enrollment in the full-time Diploma Program at UTHS is not required to take a single course. Please request guidance from your local school counselor to ensure course selection aligns with your school's specific graduation requirements. 

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The above link is for part-time students only. Full-time UTHS Diploma Program students do not select courses online through this shopping cart.

More Information

Courses, Finals, and Credit by Exams

For more information about courses, final exams, and credit by exams including course subjects, policies, fees, study guides, exam proctoring, and other logistics, please see the following webpages.

Full-Time Diploma Programs

For more information about the full-time Diploma Programs go to the following webpages.