Credit by Exams

Credit by Exams (CBEs) offer appropriate, reliable placement or credit for students in grades K-12. The exams are designed by curriculum experts and aligned to TEKS. Students may choose to take the exams for credit recovery or acceleration. View presentation.

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Credit Recovery

With approval from the local school district, students in grades 6-12 who received prior instruction in a subject area but did not receive credit may earn credit by passing an exam (grade of 70% or above) that assesses the student's knowledge and skills in that subject area.



With approval from the local school district, students in grades K-12 seeking placement credit in a subject area in which they have not received prior instruction may earn credit by passing these exams with a grade of 80% or above. The UTHS Exam Certification can be found in the Exam Policy & Development section below.


District & School Discounts

District partners receive a discount on exam orders and have up to 60 days to complete testing. Order processing may take up to ten business days for received orders, and will be filled in the order received (regardless of optional shipping requests). Scoring times may vary and are scored in the order received, therefore please allow up to twenty business days for scoring.


Study Guides

Study guides for all K-12 CBEs are available and printable from the website at any time. Study guides for Communication Applications, English, Art, and PE are essential as these exams have specific requirements.


How to Order

Individual Student Orders

  1. Download and complete the Individual Enrollment (Standard) form or the Individual Enrollment (LOTE) form.
  2. Submit the completed forms by following the directions on each form.

School/District Bulk Orders

(Please allow up to ten business days for processing)

For all exams:

  1. Download and complete the Institutional Request Form.
  2. Download and submit the Institutional Student Report Form (via Box, see directions for more information) in the order desired for exam delivery. 


Rush Grading

Rush grading is available for all exams. Rush grading is available upon completion of the exam. The exam will be graded within 5 business days of the date that the exam is received from the proctoring location. If expedited shipping is necessary from the proctoring center to UTHS, those arrangements should be made by the parent/student with the proctoring center.  Download the Rush Grading form and email it directly to or fax to 512-471-7853.


Related Costs

  • Individual Exam Registration, $50 per exam
  • Individual LOTE exam registration, $50 per semester
  • Individual LOTE exam registration, $100 per year
  • Individual expedited shipping, $30
  • District bulk exam registration, $25 for standard exams
  • District bulk LOTE exam registration, $25 for semester credit exams
  • District bulk LOTE exam registration, $50 for year credit exams
  • District expedited shipping, per quote
  • Credit by Exam Inquiry, $35
  • Rush Grading Fee for Exams: $50


Exam Policy & Development

According to TEA policy §74.24 Credit by Exams (c)(6), a student may not attempt to earn credit by examination for a specific high school course more than two times.

UTHS CBE EOC Courses Certification for 2018-19 school year (includes 2017-18 data report)

UTHS CBE Non-EOC Courses Certification for 2018-19 school year (includes 2017-18 data report)

*CBEs for EOC course subjects including Algebra 1, Biology, English 1, English 2, and United States History are available for both acceleration and recovery.


An Alternative Path to Success

Watch this short video of a parent and son as they explain how credit for acceleration will help to prepare for high school.