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Celebrating 22 Years!

Register Now for Fall 2022!

Priority registration for our full-time, virtual UT High Schools is open from April through June 10, 2022. More information about the enrollment process is available for the UT High School for Texas Residents and UT High School for Non-Texas Residents on each program enrollment page. Students interested in enrolling only part-time in a single course can enroll anytime. 

UT High School District

The University of Texas at Austin High School opened in 1999 as a state-approved Texas virtual school. We expanded to two high schools for Texas and non-Texas residents in 2021. We're celebrating 22 years of online education! 

Student Programs

  • Full-Time Online High School Diploma Programs
    • UT High School for Texas Residents
    • UT International High School for Non-Texas Residents
  • Single Online High School Credit Courses
  • Early Readiness High School Graduation Option

​Core courses are NCAA-approved and Advanced Placement courses are College Board-approved.

Partner School District Services

  • High School Online Courses
  • High School Online Curriculum
  • K-12 Online and Print Credit by Exams
  • Teacher Online Professional Development
    • Blended Learning 
    • Gifted/Talented
    • Advanced Placement Summer Institutes 

Programs & Services

  • Online courses and exams
  • Diploma programs
  • School partnerships
  • Blended learning curriculum and resources
  • Support for special student populations
  • Educator professional development