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Registration for Spring Semester 2023

Registration for our full-time, virtual UT High Schools is open now. Programs are open to Texas residents and non-Texas U.S. and international students. More information about the enrollment process is available for the UT High School for Texas Residents and UT High School for Non-Texas Residents on each program enrollment page. Students interested in enrolling only part-time in a single course can enroll anytime. Spring Semester begins January 12, 2023.

To learn more, login to a live webinar for prospective students and parents!

Wednesday Webinar for Prospective Students and Parents: 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM (CST)

UT High School District

The University of Texas at Austin High School opened in 1999 as a state-approved Texas virtual school. We expanded to two high schools for Texas and non-Texas residents in 2021. We're celebrating 23 years of online education! 

Student Programs

  • Full-Time Online High School Diploma Programs
    • UT High School for Texas Residents
    • UT International High School for Non-Texas Residents
  • Single Online High School Credit Courses
  • Early Readiness High School Graduation Option

​Core courses are NCAA-approved and Advanced Placement courses are College Board-approved.

Partner School District Services

  • High School Online Courses
  • High School Online Curriculum
  • K-12 Online and Print Credit by Exams
  • Teacher Online Professional Development
    • Blended Learning 
    • Gifted/Talented
    • Advanced Placement Summer Institutes 

Programs & Services

  • Online courses and exams
  • Diploma programs
  • School partnerships
  • Blended learning curriculum and resources
  • Support for special student populations
  • Educator professional development
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