Migrant Student Graduation Enhancement Program


The Migrant Student Graduation Enhancement Program strives to meet the special needs of Texas migrant high school students through the flexibility of distance learning. Migrant students can stay on track for on-time graduation by earning high school credits in the program's courses and exams.

Recently we presented at the annual AMET Conference.

Migrant Services Webinar, February 2016.


  • Online courses
  • Print-based courses
  • Course curriculum resources for educators
  • Credit by Exams
  • Noncredit courses for support
  • STAAR prep
  • Field trips


  • Migrant students who have frequent absences due to work schedule and family relocation
  • Migrant students who start the course in one location and need to finish it in another

Benefits for Students

  • Flexible course formats (online, print, or a combination)
  • Flexible course timeline
  • Credit recovery
  • Credit acceleration
  • On-time graduation

Benefits for School Districts

  • Reduce student dropout rate
  • Improve student graduation rate

Sample School District Funding Sources

  • Title I, Part C
  • Title III - Bilingual
  • High School Allotment
  • District/campus general funds