Student Athletes

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Solutions for Success

Flexible NCAA®-Approved Online High School Courses

UT High School (UTHS) is an accredited school that offers online high school courses to students, regardless of where they are enrolled full-time. Whether student athletes want to pursue early high school graduation or need to catch up on high school credits, UTHS can help them stay on track for college with transferable credits.

The benefits of UTHS online credit courses for student athletes include:

  • core courses that are NCAA-approved.
  • open enrollment to courses that allows students to enroll and start courses at any time.
  • the ability to access coursework anywhere that they have internet access.
  • courses that are facilitated by Texas-certified teachers.
  • an official transcript uploaded into the NCAA Clearinghouse.

NCAA-Approved Courses

Student athletes must follow NCAA guidelines to remain NCAA-eligible to play for Division I or Division II colleges. View NCAA-approved courses on the NCAA Eligibility Center website. Use the code 440344 to find to UTHS courses.

NCAA Eligibility and Recruiting

Visit the Texas State Coaches Association website to learn more about NCAA eligibility and recruiting.