Empower Academy

The UT High School Empower Academy is specifically designed to meet the needs of Texas adult learners (21 years and up) to earn a high school diploma or GED online.

Eligible adult Texas residents may enroll in the online high school diploma completion or GED preparation program with free tuition provided by a partnership with the Texas Workforce Commission. This specially designed UT High School program supports adult learners' need for flexibility through 100% online coursework at a pace that aligns with an adult learner's unique schedule.

Registration is paused as of 8-17-2023!  

Due to the overwhelming popularity of our program, UTHS Empower Academy is pausing enrollment as of 8-17-2023. The UTHS Empower Academy offers adult learners, age 21+, the opportunity to complete their high school diploma or prepare and take the GED exams. Students enrolled in the UTHS Empower Academy will complete courses from home utilizing a fully online, asynchronous instructional program. Students working to complete their high school diploma will complete state required courses and take any state required end-of-course exams to meet all Texas public school graduation requirements* to earn a Texas high school diploma. Students wishing to only complete the GED exams will be enrolled in preparation courses for the exams and offered fee waivers for the exam fees.

* Graduation requirements are determined by the graduation plan in place the year the student entered 9th grade.

Informational Webinars - will resume once we re-open registration.

Interested students can join us for one of our live webinars to learn more about the program. There will be opportunities to ask questions online during the live webinar.


Free Tuition and Student Provided Materials

UTHS Empower Academy is open only to Texas residents for free tuition.

UTHS Provides:

  • Free online course enrollments
  • Free access to online or print textbooks for courses
  • Free science course lab kit supplies
  • Free tutoring and mentor support
  • GED test fee waivers
  • *Laptop computer - $35 refundable deposit

Student Provides:

  • Reliable, high-speed internet access
  • Graphing calculator for math courses
  • General school supplies, including spiral notebooks, pens, pencils, and highlighters
  • Commonly available supplies for specialty courses, such as Art

*UTHS requires students in the Empower Academy to follow all policies for the use of the laptop computer issued to them. Please see the agreement for details.

Empower Academy Device Use Agreement

Eligibility to Enroll

Texas residents age 21 and over may enroll in the UTHS Empower Academy to either complete their high school diploma or prepare for the GED exams. Students must meet all of the following eligibility requirements to enroll in this academy.

  • Maintain permanent residency in Texas and provide proof of residency
  • Be age 21 years or over
  • Have not already earned a high school diploma or GED

Enrollment Process

  1. Complete the UTHS Empower Academy Online Learning Orientation in Canvas.  To access the online orientation course, please follow the registration instructions. 
  2. After you complete the orientation course, upload the certificate of completion during the online enrollment process. Instructions for printing your grade certificate are provided at the end of the orientation course.  
  3. Complete the online enrollment process in Skyward.
    1. Click here to request Skyward account access and register.
    2. Complete all required forms within the Skyward enrollment system.
    3. Upload copies of all required documents, including most recent transcripts showing what high school credits have been earned.
    4. When completing the UTHS enrollment forms, you will be asked for parent/guardian name and required information. Please submit your own name and information as required for these fields.

Request Empower Enrollment Assistance

Course Schedules

After UTHS Empower Academy notifies a student of their acceptance, a member of the UTHS Empower Academy Counseling and Student Services Team will review the student’s transcripts and learner survey results to design a personal completion pathway for them.  The UTHS staff member will schedule your diagnostic exams and use the results to schedule the appropriate courses for the agreed upon pathway, either high school completion or GED preparation.

Empower Academy students should not enroll in courses online using the shopping cart.  Be sure to follow the steps above to enroll in the Empower Academy and work with your counselor who will place you in the courses based on your personal pathway and ensure your courses align to the Texas graduation requirements or GED preparation.