UT High School allows students to earn both high school and college credit in select courses (this is commonly referred to as "dual enrollment" or "early college start"). UTHS students can take courses at their local community college or through UEX, the University of Texas at Austin online college program.

Students must:

  • Receive their counselor's approval
  • Take the TSI
  • Choose a course which will satisfy a high school credit

UT High School does not limit the grade level of students who are eligible for dual credits or the number of dual credits allowed per semester. Community colleges and other dual credit providers may choose to limit the enrollments of high school students.

Interested students should meet with the Academic Advisor to:

  • Determine TSI Assessment exemption status
  • Get a signature on the ECS (Early College Start) form

Please note: If you are applying to Texas colleges, you can find out which community college credits transfer to a four-year university and satisfy the various elements of the Texas General Core. The Texas Core Curriculum consists of between 42 to 48 credits, depending on the university. You can visit the Texas Higher Education Board’s website to find out more about the Core as well as individual university requirements: http://statecore.its.txstate.edu/

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