AP scores available July 16, 2020

College Board will release Advanced Placement (AP) exam scores for Texas students on July 16th at 9 AM CST. Students must login to their College Board account to access their scores. 

To ensure students don't have any trouble getting their scores, they should check that they can sign in to their College Board account before scores release. If they don't remember their username or password, they can recover them on the site—they shouldn't create a new account.

Each university determines the required score the student must achieve on each AP exam to be eligible for college credit. Often a score of 3 or higher on the exam is accepted for college credit, but sometimes a university may required a score higher than 3. Students should check with the university they plan to attend for the specific score requirements by program. As a reminder, the AP score is used by universities for college credit, not for high school credit on a transcript. Students at UTHS must pass their AP course final exam which is the score that's used in the calculation of their overall AP course grade and included on their high school transcript.