Launch of at home, online proctoring for finals and CBEs

At the end of April 2020, UT High School launched at home, online proctoring for students. The new Proctorio service provides students with a way to complete their final exams or credit by exams from their home computer by using an online procotring service. Students are required to login to the Proctorio system, verifiy their identity, adhere to testing protocols, and complete the test utilizing their computer's webcam. The system will generate a testing irregularity flag for any activty that does not align to the testing requirements. The UTHS staff will review any testing irregularities prior to finalizing the student's grade.

The system maintains student confidentiality and no unauthroized staff members can view the student's location or identity during or after the testing experience. There are also ways to accommodate student's special needs while using the system and the individual student's ARD committee will discuss the best plan. Proctorio fees are paid separately for prior enrollments and included in the course and credit by exam fees for future enrollments which take place after the launch date. The Proctorio fee is much less than the cost of on-site testing at testing centers and provides a secure exam experience for students even during the stay-at-home restrictions resulting from COVID-19. Once restrictions are lifted, the Proctorio system will continue.