Spring semester starts January 13th

The UTHS Spring Semester for full-time students enrolled in the UT High School and UT International High School Diploma Programs begins January 13th! Let's make this a great semester by keeping up with your assignments by the due dates in the UTHS Course Pacing Guides and re-doing any assignments which you earn a grade less than the 70% passing standard. 

Students: Be sure to plan your daily schedule so you log in to each of your courses Monday through Friday. If you miss a day, plan to make up the time that same week or the following week. Plan to spend at least five to seven hours per week on each course. Our asynchronous online instructional model provides flexibility, but that doesn't mean it takes less time to complete a course. It's essential that you work on each of your courses every week and submit your assignments by the UTHS Course Pacing Guide deadlines. You're required to finish your coursework and finals by the end of the semester. You can work ahead if you want and even take your finals a little early, but you can't take them later than the end of semester deadlines. 

Parents: Be sure to check-in with your student routinely and ask them to show you their progress in their online courses. They can show you what they're learning, their assignments, grades, teacher feedback, and their interactive notebook which they should be using to take notes and review for exams.

Please join us for an upcoming webinar for students and parents to hear helpful tips for success from our program leaders.

Spring Kick-off Webinar on Tuesday, January 18th at 5:30 PM (CST)