Student Feature: Mariano, Anuar, Yamile

June student feature

Siblings Mariano (senior), Anuar (junior), and Yamile (freshman) joined UT High School because the traditional school schedule would not accommodate their schedule of international tennis competitions.  Mariano, Anuar, and Yamile are currently playing high-level, professional tennis to try to earn their first professional rankings.  Because professional tennis requires hours of training, they appreciate the flexibility of UT High School and enjoy the courses and resources provided. Mariano, Anuar, and  Yamile keep a very rigorous schedule. They have tennis lessons in the morning, spend time in the gym to train, practice tennis, do homework, go to bed, and then get up to start their intense training and schooling again.

Mariano plans to attend university to study Computer Science.  Anuar will graduate in two years and looks forward to studying Aerospace Engineering. Yamile is a freshman so she is three years away from graduating, but she also plans to attend university. All three will continue to play competitive tennis while pursuing their degrees.

Mariano loves sculpting 3D artwork and computer programming. Anuar enjoys practicing agriculture and harvesting fruits and vegetables while learning gardening skills.  Yamile spends time with the family’s four Great Pyrenees—the dogs are also siblings!  All three siblings enjoy spending time with family while studying at home.