Chunnisee Jackson

Business Information Management Systems

Ms. Jackson teaches Business Information Management Systems, Business Management, Principles of Business, and Business Practicum. She offers her students foundational theories/practices and career readiness skills. Ms. Jackson creates and maintains a spirit of unity and productivity in her classroom which provides a safe, yet challenging atmosphere that allows each of her students the ability to maximize their own potential; allowing them to have the belief that they can be successful in all of their endeavors. Ms. Jackson has obtained an M.Ed. in Education and M.A. in Management and Leadership and has worked in the field of Education and Training for over 15 years and within the financial industry for 4 years. Ms. Jackson has over 10 years of experience in management/supervision, leadership, networking, and training. Her professionalism and ability to work independently and within a team has led to many successful endeavors in nonprofit, contracted services, and the private sectors to include: service, outcome, and performance-based programs.